I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Losing someone close too you.

You laid there in that  hosptial bed you tried so hard too hold it in seeing you in that bed was like thinking you were going to go one day as I see you getting weaker and weaker everyday it  worried me  seeing  you try so hard to forget about it talking to god was the only option for you.

The night you passed away I was shocked as you made your may to heaven I knew you were in a safe place if you knew my aunty she was nicer then ever she didn't like anything to be messy she wanted it to be done she was beautiful like a pretty little daisy in a beautiful Garden she was nicer then ever  I will hold our Memories deep in my heart I remember when you use to take care of me.

The night you passed away I went to sleep and I closed my eyes as I wiped a tear I just kept wishing you were here with me and the whole family losing you is like losing another heart in me as I write this I'm writing it to my aunty.

I reckon i miss you more than anything I'll be sad for a while but soon I will realize I'll see you one day Up in Heaven I dont think I've never stopped thinking about you and I've stopped missing you I love you like I love food I've had so many good times with you Aunty and so many Laughs with you and The memories are all coming back now like a wonderful spell.

I know your gone for good and it's hard to accpect that your gone its like  accpecting money though a eftpos card.Now your up in heaven Free from all your pain that has Hurt you and made you weak you never once complained about your sickness  But you have not lost your Fight of cancer you have won it.

Monday, 25 November 2013

My Intermediate Journey ends here.

As weeks go pasted and as hours and minutes fly by  I'm  thinking My Intermediate Journey ends here I'm thinking that everyday after school somethings going to happen as I bid my friends farewell  and as I get ready to go to college and start a Fresh new year I'm thinking that I might get bullied  or I might just be fine or I might just sit alone like a little star on the sky It's shocking that my journey at intermediate is ending soon so many tears and so many hugs too share with my friends and so many laughs we have had as a group.

 As I step in to college I'm thinking it's going to be packed and it's going to be full of people like one group of girls one group of boys or one girl standing by her self and Their  me looking and rushing Now what Next where do I go so I go   up and down up and down  like someone jumping up and down and around I'm so Confused I don't even know where too go I'm getting nervous What if people look at  me laughing or giggling like someone tickling someone esle.

 So Memories that I have shared with my Girls and all the year 7's .Leaving is  like dying in a bush My heart is so Heart broken its like someone is crushing my heart its like a boy hurting another girl. I have had so many memories with Huia  and all the students at Tawa intermediate and my girls. Moving on is the best thing too do its all about life Moving on is like moving with in with your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife its all about moving to the next step and where it get you too  in life moving and moving on until the day you die is the best thing thanks for reading I hope you were inspired its not Inspired to expire its expire to inspire thanks  for reading.