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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Novel Study Task-The Secret Garden.

Hey Reader this week I'm doing a different Task but the same Book which is called The Secret Garden. For This task is you have to Pick a Celebrity who is the same as the character.

First we have.....

1: Mary Lennox Who I think I think is probably the same is a Celebrity who's different her Father died but her Mum didn't  die her name is Paris Jackson her Dad is one of the famous singers his Name is Michael Jackson is he died from a Heart attack in 2009 but Mary Lennox's Parents died from cholera ill'ness and Paris was a little bit different Mary never cared about her parents but Paris only cared about her Dad.

2:Next up we have one of Mary's Friend called Colin I think he is the same as Bruno Mars who is a singer Colins mum died and Bruno's Mum died to at the age of 55 but Collins is different he cant walk and Bruno can walk.

3:Now we have Dickon he is Martha's little brother she will be coming come next after I talk about Dickon. Well Dickon is the same as a celebrity who's name is Rob Kardashian but different Rob has 3 sisters and dickon has one.

4:This time we have Martha who is Dickons sister  she is the same as Kendall Jenner but rob kardashian which is his sister Kendall is younger then him.

Thanks for reading there are many more Character in this book but these are my favourite ones If you wanna read or find the book here is what the cover would look like. 

Thanks again Teah.

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