I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My writing sample.

Once upon a time there was a Little boy called James he went out with his 4 Good Friends called Joseph,Levi,Giorgi and Helen They all Decided to go Camping together.So One day they packed there bags and went camping they all got premisson from there Mum and Dad some of them didnt have a mum or a dad like Helen well Helens mum passed away in a car crash so she had to ask her dad or her stepmum she didnt like her stepmum bescause she was always bossy and mean and didnt let her go to places but her dad did her dad said yes you may go her step mum was really annoyed.And Well Giorgi was Different parents were divorced and they always fighted over giorgi but yes her they both let her go camping with her friends.well Levis parents always fight all the time and Levi would always think its his fought but His parent let him off with the camping.Joesphs Parents were always abusing him and making him as there salve but this time he ran away so that he could go and he went.James was really Different beasue he didnt have any parents they both died form a car crash a very big one James with tell hiself that he does not belong but his grandma would say that you are like my very own child and your mother would be proud of you and your thing you do so go camping your disevere it.So That the next day they got there Bags ready to go camping.Mrs Parker let asked the kids if they were ready to go yet the kids said yes we are all ready to go so they got in the car and Miss parker which was James’s grandma drove them to the camping place after a while they all got in there tents and they were sorting out who was gone sleep with who so they did all the sorting out after they went outside cause there was a swimming pool outside so they all went for a swim it was getting dark they all went one tent and did some fun stuff moments later they were all looking for James they all asked each other where is james they didnt know where he was nobody did they quickly went to the office to ask for help they looked everywhere but they couldn't find him then they rang his family and his grandma then they rang the police they looked and looked everywhere but they couldnt find him one single bit the next day came still trying to look for him no sign of him 2 days and he was missing his grandma was very shocked his friends were praying and hoping he would come back but he didnt his grandma told the police officers that he had told her that he does not belong to the family because his mum and dad were gone maybe thats the way he ran away or maybe someone killed him then she started crying and crying 2 weeks later there is still no sign of james day by day mrs parker didnt get enough sleep she felt like it was her fault she was blaming herself for this whole thing but it was not here fault 3 mouths later still nobody she was hoping and hoping to see him come out then they started sending things out like papers anything after 5 months they found his body he passed away on that day they went camping he killed himself because he didn't belong hes grandma was crying and crying and blaming herself after a year his friends and family and his grandma moved on with there life but James was Still special to them. the end:)

From Teah Aspinall

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