I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Losing someone close too you.

You laid there in that  hosptial bed you tried so hard too hold it in seeing you in that bed was like thinking you were going to go one day as I see you getting weaker and weaker everyday it  worried me  seeing  you try so hard to forget about it talking to god was the only option for you.

The night you passed away I was shocked as you made your may to heaven I knew you were in a safe place if you knew my aunty she was nicer then ever she didn't like anything to be messy she wanted it to be done she was beautiful like a pretty little daisy in a beautiful Garden she was nicer then ever  I will hold our Memories deep in my heart I remember when you use to take care of me.

The night you passed away I went to sleep and I closed my eyes as I wiped a tear I just kept wishing you were here with me and the whole family losing you is like losing another heart in me as I write this I'm writing it to my aunty.

I reckon i miss you more than anything I'll be sad for a while but soon I will realize I'll see you one day Up in Heaven I dont think I've never stopped thinking about you and I've stopped missing you I love you like I love food I've had so many good times with you Aunty and so many Laughs with you and The memories are all coming back now like a wonderful spell.

I know your gone for good and it's hard to accpect that your gone its like  accpecting money though a eftpos card.Now your up in heaven Free from all your pain that has Hurt you and made you weak you never once complained about your sickness  But you have not lost your Fight of cancer you have won it.

Monday, 25 November 2013

My Intermediate Journey ends here.

As weeks go pasted and as hours and minutes fly by  I'm  thinking My Intermediate Journey ends here I'm thinking that everyday after school somethings going to happen as I bid my friends farewell  and as I get ready to go to college and start a Fresh new year I'm thinking that I might get bullied  or I might just be fine or I might just sit alone like a little star on the sky It's shocking that my journey at intermediate is ending soon so many tears and so many hugs too share with my friends and so many laughs we have had as a group.

 As I step in to college I'm thinking it's going to be packed and it's going to be full of people like one group of girls one group of boys or one girl standing by her self and Their  me looking and rushing Now what Next where do I go so I go   up and down up and down  like someone jumping up and down and around I'm so Confused I don't even know where too go I'm getting nervous What if people look at  me laughing or giggling like someone tickling someone esle.

 So Memories that I have shared with my Girls and all the year 7's .Leaving is  like dying in a bush My heart is so Heart broken its like someone is crushing my heart its like a boy hurting another girl. I have had so many memories with Huia  and all the students at Tawa intermediate and my girls. Moving on is the best thing too do its all about life Moving on is like moving with in with your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife its all about moving to the next step and where it get you too  in life moving and moving on until the day you die is the best thing thanks for reading I hope you were inspired its not Inspired to expire its expire to inspire thanks  for reading.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Why I hate Cancer?

Hey Readers Today I'm gone talk Why I hate cancer I really hate cancer because it effects your love ones and especially a little sister or a little brother it could be anyone like someone famous anyone could get it any-day.

There are all sorts of  Cancer  For example My Aunty Who just Passed away a few Mouths ago she had Stomach Cancer it is a type of cancer that stays in your stomach  for ages and some people can died but my aunty she had for two years then boooom she passed away.Here is photo of all types of cancer.

I really hate cancer because a member of my family passed away from stomach cancer which is the Periwinkle blue & esophageal stomach cancer.

Thanks for reading this I hope you have learned somethings from  this.

From Teah

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Novel Study Task-The Secret Garden.

Hey Reader this week I'm doing a different Task but the same Book which is called The Secret Garden. For This task is you have to Pick a Celebrity who is the same as the character.

First we have.....

1: Mary Lennox Who I think I think is probably the same is a Celebrity who's different her Father died but her Mum didn't  die her name is Paris Jackson her Dad is one of the famous singers his Name is Michael Jackson is he died from a Heart attack in 2009 but Mary Lennox's Parents died from cholera ill'ness and Paris was a little bit different Mary never cared about her parents but Paris only cared about her Dad.

2:Next up we have one of Mary's Friend called Colin I think he is the same as Bruno Mars who is a singer Colins mum died and Bruno's Mum died to at the age of 55 but Collins is different he cant walk and Bruno can walk.

3:Now we have Dickon he is Martha's little brother she will be coming come next after I talk about Dickon. Well Dickon is the same as a celebrity who's name is Rob Kardashian but different Rob has 3 sisters and dickon has one.

4:This time we have Martha who is Dickons sister  she is the same as Kendall Jenner but rob kardashian which is his sister Kendall is younger then him.

Thanks for reading there are many more Character in this book but these are my favourite ones If you wanna read or find the book here is what the cover would look like. 

Thanks again Teah.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Novel Study's-The Secret Garden.

Hi there I have been Reading a book called The secret garden and I'm doing one of the the Task's It's called Find 5 things songs that relates to the Book. So I found A few songs And here are some of there Names you can look up these songs if you want to.

1:You Don't Love me Anymore. This Song means that Nobody really loved her  for who she was and her Mum never cared about her. This song is written and sang by Aaradhna who is a really good singer.

2:I Don't talk about it cover. This song means that her Mum and Dad maybe broke her heart by saying that they Don't what her.This song is a cover by my cousin she is really good To be honest I like it the way that other people sing it but not the person who own the song .Here is the link if you what to go look at the song.

3:Dance Me if you can. This song tells where she comes from which is india she was born there and rised there. This song is on a Movie which is called cheetah girls they performed it with a mix they added hip hop moves and india moves.

4:Royals: This song is here beacause she was actually British not india. This song is by Lorde I thought she was from America but she was really from Auckland new zealand.

5:We Can't Stop: This song is here because at the end she was really happy because she had friends and everybody liked here. This song is by Miley cyrus who is a good singer.

Thanks For Reading. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

11 Before 11.

Hi I'm going to Talk about 11 before 11. 11 before 11 means things that little kids should do before they start school so here is a List of what they should do before they go to school.

1:You Can Spend A few hours making or Baking Something that is special to your family so when your eleven you will know about that type of dish.

2: Visit a country you will would really love to go. You could ask your Parents if they have been there and Ask them to tell you A bit about that Country or If they haven't you could search things up about it.and Experience there language.

3: You Could try Going to a Celebrity's concert or a Live show with someone For example Me and my cousin really like a boy band called Moorhouse that is on a Show called xfactor  Which me and my cousin Are trying to get tickets for the live show you could try teaming up with a friend or a family member.

4:Visit a Library Near you and see what types of books they have try reading a few books and see what kind of fictions  they are and experience all kinds of things in the library.

5:  This ones for the lady's that love shopping. You could go shopping for clothes or you could do your nails go shoe shopping Because I really like shopping even before I was 11 Me and my Mum would go shopping when I was little.

6:You Could get  a little Notebook and Plan everything you have ever Wanted to do as you were growing up.

7:Take Part of a school Quiz Because at our school in the Library they sometimes have Quiz's Which means For some Eleven Year olds intermediate quiz's are hard.

8:Try to Practice Your basic facts or learn your timetables try learn some maths like me because I really hate Maths but at the end I'm use to it.

9:Make a calender of a List of things you would like to do as your growing.

10: You could Height yourself on a wall and measure yourself as your getting older so for Example each time it was your birthday you could measure yourself.

11: Just enjoy yourself as your getting older and when your 11 you could try all types of things.

Thanks for reading from Teah:)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Story about Hansel and Gretel.

It was getting dark and One evening a Little boy called Hansel and a Little girl called Gretel  had     a Dad and they had a step mother who was really evil there step mother she didn't like Hansel and Gretel there step mother hated them to death one day she told there Dad I really Dont what them staying here so that night Hansel and Gretel's stepmother told there Dad lets go and take them far far away where they will never come back so they went and Hansel bought stones so that the next morning the Gretel got scared and Hansel said don't you worry I brought some stones to where ever we went she said okay then they went walking later there step mother said how did the come back so they went back to where they went then they tried it with bits of bread    then the next day they tried it but birds just came and ate all the bits of bread but they were surprised there dad came to get them he chose his children over his wife so the two kids were really happy because there step mother left so they went back home to live a normal live as a real family so they all lived happily ever after.

thanks for reading for teah.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My writing sample.

Once upon a time there was a Little boy called James he went out with his 4 Good Friends called Joseph,Levi,Giorgi and Helen They all Decided to go Camping together.So One day they packed there bags and went camping they all got premisson from there Mum and Dad some of them didnt have a mum or a dad like Helen well Helens mum passed away in a car crash so she had to ask her dad or her stepmum she didnt like her stepmum bescause she was always bossy and mean and didnt let her go to places but her dad did her dad said yes you may go her step mum was really annoyed.And Well Giorgi was Different parents were divorced and they always fighted over giorgi but yes her they both let her go camping with her friends.well Levis parents always fight all the time and Levi would always think its his fought but His parent let him off with the camping.Joesphs Parents were always abusing him and making him as there salve but this time he ran away so that he could go and he went.James was really Different beasue he didnt have any parents they both died form a car crash a very big one James with tell hiself that he does not belong but his grandma would say that you are like my very own child and your mother would be proud of you and your thing you do so go camping your disevere it.So That the next day they got there Bags ready to go camping.Mrs Parker let asked the kids if they were ready to go yet the kids said yes we are all ready to go so they got in the car and Miss parker which was James’s grandma drove them to the camping place after a while they all got in there tents and they were sorting out who was gone sleep with who so they did all the sorting out after they went outside cause there was a swimming pool outside so they all went for a swim it was getting dark they all went one tent and did some fun stuff moments later they were all looking for James they all asked each other where is james they didnt know where he was nobody did they quickly went to the office to ask for help they looked everywhere but they couldn't find him then they rang his family and his grandma then they rang the police they looked and looked everywhere but they couldnt find him one single bit the next day came still trying to look for him no sign of him 2 days and he was missing his grandma was very shocked his friends were praying and hoping he would come back but he didnt his grandma told the police officers that he had told her that he does not belong to the family because his mum and dad were gone maybe thats the way he ran away or maybe someone killed him then she started crying and crying 2 weeks later there is still no sign of james day by day mrs parker didnt get enough sleep she felt like it was her fault she was blaming herself for this whole thing but it was not here fault 3 mouths later still nobody she was hoping and hoping to see him come out then they started sending things out like papers anything after 5 months they found his body he passed away on that day they went camping he killed himself because he didn't belong hes grandma was crying and crying and blaming herself after a year his friends and family and his grandma moved on with there life but James was Still special to them. the end:)

From Teah Aspinall

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cross Country.

On The 29th of May Tawa Intermediate had Cross Country a Cross country is when you have to run all sorts of places this one to me was so hard but its good Exercise our syndicate Trained really hared Each Week we would do the block run or we Would do the cross country twice a week.Then it was That day It was cross Country I was So Nervous that I would trip up or fall over But I know I tried my hardest We each had to go in group like for Example year 8 girls together I was with the year 8 girls We ran After the year 7 boys my legs were so sore But  it was so good  because i remember one of the teachers at our school said that the pain is your friend and i thought that was good.But when it came to the end I felt really good when it came to the end but I was not really happy with my score.

Thanks from reading teah:)  

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Make Juice

How to Make Juice

Step 1: you get your Jar 
Step 2:You  get your juice open it then put in your juice in the jar.
step 3 : Then Add A cup of Water.
Step 4:Then mix it with a Big table spoon.
Step 5:Then get a cup.
step 6 :Tip the Juice in the cup
Step 7 :Then Enjoy.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Work on writing

Do you ever Feel Left out?
Lonely or sad?
Like no one wants you around?
You feel like you get all the dumb stuff and they get all the good stuff.
You feel like you have been thrown  into the wall and nobody cares about you?
And they put  you as there slave and make you do all the work
And you wake up and feel like you just wanna move out because no one wants you
and you just gone pack  your bags and leave someday
So you back your bags and your  Totally free you can do what ever you want.

I was once told by my Mum If you feel Left out you can Always talk to God:)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Clouds!

Once upon a time were 7 child that wanted to see what the sky's looked like So a few teachers Decided to take 7 child on a plane up to the sky but when they got there the plane had crushed and the plane landed on the sky it didn't just fall down but they got out of the plane and all the kids were very excited because they were standing on the sky they were very shocked about it so they were very scared it was getting dark but  they decided to sleep there and find a way back home the next day.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Writing Sample

once upon a time there were two brothers they were feeling very bored so they decided to go for a walk in the forest.The forest was called zealandia They have not seen each other such a long time.There names are James and Jarrod But James was the older brother he lived in America and Jarrod lived back here in new zealand so because they don't see each other  much they wanted to have a bit of fun so they got on there bikes and started riding They stopped by  a few Bush's and then they stopped by a tree that had  seats so they had a 5 minute lunch they had some sandwichs also they had a drink of water then had a look at a few the trees so after looking at all those trees they got back on there bikes a went home after a busy day.